m2 Sycamore veneer 0.5mm Red

m2 Sycamore veneer 0.5mm Red

m2 Sycamore veneer 0.5mm Natural

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Sycamore Veneer

It comes in a pack of 12-15 cm wide and 80 cm long sheets.

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Botanical name: Acer pseudoplatanus
Origin: Europe
Other names: Sicomoro, planetree maple, great maple (UK), plane (Scotland)
Density: approx 610 kg/m3 38 lbs/ft3
Uses: veneers

Sycamore is found all over Europe.
This almost white wood yellows upon exposure of light and air if the veneers are not dried quickly enough.
Its characteristics are that it has a hard, even density with a very fine texture.
Its scientific name, acer preudoplatanus, reveals that this tree belongs to the genus Acer, the maples.
In latin, acer means sharp, as maple wood was used for making spears.
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Botanical name Acer pseudoplatanus
Wood European Maple
Air shipping allowed Yes
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