Special/AAA Acoustic Red Cedar Soundboard Special/AAA Acoustic Red Cedar Soundboard
3rd/B Acoustic Red Cedar Soundboard

3rd/B Acoustic Red Cedar Soundboard

1st/AA Acoustic Red Cedar Soundboard

Botanical name: Thuja plicata

560x220x4.5mm x2

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Botanical name: Thuja plicata

Origin: West coast of North America

Other names: Western red Cedar, Cedro rojo

Density: 320-430 kg/m3 20-27 lbs/ft3

Uses: Soundboards

Although not a traditional wood for guitar tops, western red cedar has grown immensely in popularity among the guitar makers. It has a nice red-tan color that ranges from light chocolate or honey brown to cinnamon or beige. Western red cedar is by far the most popular cedar used in soundboards. It is common to classical guitars and, over the last years, it has become a favorite soundboard wood among the steel-string guitar community. Compared to spruce it has lower stiffness along the grain and requires a significantly shorter break-in period, which is a particularly interesting characteristic for some players and builders. A Spruce-topped guitar can sound tight at first, its sound may take some time to open up and needs to be played-in for a period of time before its sound is fully realized. A Cedar-topped guitar, after it is strung for the first time, has a vibrant full sound which tends to be a bit warmer and with less sparkle than Spruce. Some have described the tone as intimate.

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Botanical name Thuja plicata
Wood Western Red Cedar
Quality 1st / AA
Air shipping allowed Yes
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