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Clavijero Clásica DJ 102G-AS S4 Eje Aluminio con Rodamiento

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Clavijero Clásica DJ 102G-AS S4 Eje Aluminio con Rodamiento


Descripción rápida

Sistema S4: El cuerpo del eje se libera de la fricción gracias a un rodamiento situado en su extremo, proporcionando un ajuste suave y preciso con un mínimo esfuerzo de rotación.

Clavijero para guitarra clásica 18:1. Acabado dorado, con palomillas negras. Agujero de montaje de 10mm. Set de 2 unidades.

Disponibilidad: En existencia

€ 56,70  IVA no incluído


Información adicional

Nombre Clavijero Clásica DJ 102G-AS S4 Eje Aluminio con Rodamiento
Madera No
Marca Der Jung
Calidad No
Permite envío aéreo
Archivo PDF No
Título PDF No
Enlace video youtube No
Is featured No
Precio 56.7
  1. Best value for money! review by Niño de Norde on 07/01/2021
    Valoración Global

    Incredibly low price compared to what you get and especially when compared to other tuning machines in the same price range.

    Other brands offer the shaft with bearing at a price starting at least 150 euros.

    The black shafts are made of aluminum. They will not crack as the normally used plastic versions sometimes do. My opinion(!) is that aluminum effects to the tone making tone a little bit clearer if compared to plastic shafts.

    I want to mention also the black knobs: They are finished really shiny, they do look valuable and they feel great against fingertips.

    Gear wheel screws are inlayed (MOP looking plastic). This is absolutely a feature you can't expect to get at this price range tuning machines.

    Look at the 18:1 gear ratio: It makes tuning really easy and accurate especially with the shaft bearing!

    NOTICE: I want to tell everyone, that the black "engraving" seen in the product photo is not actual engraving. It is only a black color print. Anyway it looks nice.

    It is definitely true how Madinter.com describes this product: "The most elegant DJ Classical tuner at a great price."

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