Electric European Basswood Body Glued For Solid Finishes - DryElectric European Basswood Body Glued For Solid Finishes - Dry
Swamp Ash 3-piece Body Glued for Guitar/Bass 530mm

Swamp Ash 3-piece Body Glued for Guitar/Bass 530mm

Swamp Ash 2-piece Body Glued for Guitar/Bass 530mm

530 x 360 x 45 mm
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Scientific name: Fraxinus americana

Origin: Eastern North America

Other names: White Ash, American White Ash, Fresno de pantano

Average density: 42lbs/ft3 - 675kg/m3

Uses: Electric guitar bodies

Our swamp ash (Fraxinus americana) guitar bodies have been kiln dried and are ready to use. Each body is made of two pieces, perfectly matched and joined together with Titebond glue.

Both faces of the body are sanded and a stamp indicates which is the top and which is the back.

This swamp ash comes from swamps in the South of the United States.

While the tree grows in swamp areas, large parts are submerged underwater for years, resulting in a porous lightweight wood. It has an open pore structure with hard grain lines between softer layers. The grain is open and is creamy light tan in color with bold, darker grain patterns. It is a fairly light weight wood and our most important criteria when selecting the raw material. It is a very musical wood offering a very nice balance of brightness and warmth with a lot of dynamic range.

It has clear bell-like highs, slightly scooped but very complex mids and strong tight lows. The mid frequencies vary quite a lot from piece to piece, which will vary the sound per guitar more than most woods. It has a very quick attack when striking the strings and is very dynamic. This species is highly used for electric guitars and basses as many of Fender’s classics are made of Swamp Ash.

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Botanical nameFraxinus americana
WoodSwamp Ash
Quality1st / AA
Air shipping allowedYes
No. Pieces2 Pieces
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