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Wenge Carved Top Soundboard

Purpleheart Carved Top Soundboard

Botanical name: Peltogyne confertiflora

(480<550x160<200x16mm) x2

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Botanical name: Peltogyne confertiflora

Origin: Central and South America

Other names: Purpleheart, Amaranth, Amaranto

Average density: 56lbs/ft3 - 905kg/m3

Uses: Electric guitar tops, bindings, back and sides

The color of the sapwood varies from pale pink to grayish white and the heartwood is almost white when freshly cut, which gradually becomes a more or less dark violet when exposed to air. The wood rays are less visible and of medium size. Moderately difficult to work due to its hardness, frequent sharpening of tools may be needed. When machined, a slow feed rate and carbide tooling is recommended. Sands and finishes well; some have found that water-based finishes hold color better as it has tendency to bleed with some finishes. It has some of the best characteristics for a world class tonewood. It is very dense and projects marvelously. Perfect basses, lively trebles and high sustain.

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Botanical namePeltogyne confertiflora
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