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Ukelele Cocobolo Set

Ukelele Cocobolo Set

Acustical Yellow Cedar Set

Botanical Name : Cupressus nootkasensis
Origin: U.S.A

Dimensions : Backs 560/550x225x4.5mm x2. Sides 820x130x4mm x2

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Botanical Name : Cupressus nootkasensis
Origin: U.S.A

Yellow Cedar belongs to a species similar to Cypress reason why is also called Alaskan Cypress. Once dry it's very stable and very unlikely to crack unless conditions are severely dry. It works easily with either hand or power tools and is easy to bend. The sound is more likely to have a tone with more fundamental and less overtones due to its softness.

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Botanical nameCupressus nootkatensis
WoodYellow Cedar
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