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ShredNeck TremBlock

ShredNeck TremBlock

Shims for Floyd Rose Locking Nut, Set of 8

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Set of 8 includes two each of .004", .006", .016" and .024" thicknesses (.10mm, .15mm, .41mm and .61mm)
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A StewMac exclusive! These versatile "half shims" allow more precise height adjustment of Floyd Rose® locking nuts than ever before.

They're specially sized for raising the string height at the bass and treble sides independently, with clearance for the mounting screws and for "bullet" truss rod adjustment. No woodworking! Made of bronze, so they won't dampen the instrument's tone or sustain.

Set of 8 includes two each of .004", .006", .016" and .024" thicknesses (.10mm, .15mm, .41mm and .61mm). A must for more accurate guitar setups!

These shims fit most Floyd Rose style locking nuts, including original Floyd Rose, Schaller, Ibanez Edge, Charvel/Jackson, and our Golden Age Locking Tremolo.

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