Presse à bushings de mécaniques StewMac

Presse à bushings de mécaniques StewMac

No-Chip Tuner Hole Countersink

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New and improved!
Much sharper for a cleaner cut and better results.

Install tuner bushings without chipping the finish
Tuner bushings need a snug fit, and that can create a problem: pressing in the bushing forces the surrounding lacquer to lift up and chip away.

The solution is simple: ever-so-slightly cut away the lacquer around the peghole, then press the bushing in. That's what the No-Chip Countersink does: it's a precision cutter that removes just the right amount of finish.

Typical countersinks have one or two cutting edges and they chatter and gouge the wood. This reamer features two dozen tiny cutters with a smooth, controllable action. It's a quick and delicate operation, and you don't even need a drill: turn the bit with your fingertips.

Protects the finish around any screw hole
The No-Chip Countersink also cleans up holes for mounting screws and body bushings. Use it when installing string trees or cover plates. It was designed by Don MacRostie, in the StewMac R&D Department.

How to use the No-Chip Countersink

  • Use your fingertips; no drill is needed.
  • Only bevel the edge by a few thousandths of an inch. Look closely at your bushing and be sure that the bevel you create will be hidden by the flange.
  • Center the reamer in the peghole and rotate by 1/4 turn or less; the cutters are sharp and work fast.



  • 24 cutters at a 45-degree angle
  • Shank: 1/4" (25.4mm)
  • Diameter: 0.600" (15.24mm)
  • Length: 1.555" (39.50mm)


Hardened steel.

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