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Low Tack Protective Tape, Extra low tack, 3" width

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Low Tack Protective Tape, Extra low tack, 3" width


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Dan Erlewine's choice in low tack tape.
In his writings and Trade Secrets, Dan Erlewine often mentions "sign painter's tape" for protecting guitars while working. Here it is: the wide, low tack tape Dan uses in his shop.

Protect delicate finishes from fret filings and tools by masking your work area. Regular masking tape is a poor choice for this because its agressive stickiness can pull up pieces of vintage finish. Low tack adhesive makes Protective Tape a better choice.

Extra low tack, 3" width: Use the 3" (76.20mm) wide tape to mask large areas during fretwork, finishing or repairs. This is what we use on vintage guitars with worn, checked, or otherwise delicate finishes.

Low tack, 1" width: Choose the 1" (25.4mm) tape for masking fretboards or small areas during finish touchups. This tape has just a little more bite to stay put.

"I use a piece of wide tape for mixing grain fillers: do the messy mixing on the tape then throw it away when I'm done."—Dan Erlewine

Each roll is 100 yards (91.44 meters) long.
Extra-wide inner spool keeps the tape edges from touching your bench, so they won't pick up dirt and filings.

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