ColorTone Touch-up Marker, Clear Gloss LacquerColorTone Touch-up Marker, Clear Gloss Lacquer
ColorTone Liquid Stains, Red Mahogany

ColorTone Liquid Stains, Red Mahogany

ColorTone Fretboard Finishing Oil

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Produit inflammable.

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Preserves and beautifies fingerboards and bridges, leaving a smooth non-sticky feel!

Unfinished fingerboards and bridges benefit from special protection. ColorTone® Fretboard Finishing Oil keeps new rosewood and ebony looking good, feeling new and playing great. Restore a like-new appearance and smooth feel to sanded wood. 8-ounce bottle.

Pure linseed and mineral oils have been traditional fingerboard preservatives, but they don't dry completely hard, often leaving a sticky playing surface. ColorTone Fretboard Finishing Oil combines the nourishing benefit of traditional linseed with special dryers. 24 hours after application the wood is sealed and protected. The fretboard looks great and feels smooth, never sticky.

ColorTone Fretboard Finishing Oil works best when applied sparingly—a single bottle goes a long way! Simply wipe it on with a soft cloth, wipe off, and buff. It's guitar-safe when properly used: won't loosen or stain inlays, frets or bindings.

Be sure the fingerboard is clean and dry before application. Not for use on finished maple fretboards or finished bridges.

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