1st/AA Acoustic Roasted Sitka Spruce Soundboard

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Dimensions: 560x215x4mm x2

Botanical name: Picea sitchensis


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In addition to its unmistakable colour and aroma, roasted wood is well known in the American market for its incredible sound.

Torrefaction is an ageing process, during which the soundboards are subjected to elevated temperaturas in a specialized kiln, in the absence of oxygen. This delicate process produces the crystallization of the wood’s natural resins, giving them a particular colour, smell and vibration.

Torrefacted Wood is also more stable. It swells and shrinks less in response to changes in humidity, making it more durable and constant.

Stika spruce is one of the acoustic guitar's favourite woods because of its natural vibrant sound. These new torrefacted soundboards will give an incomparable voice to the guitar.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Name 1st/AA Acoustic Roasted Sitka Spruce Soundboard
Wood Sitka Spruce
Quality 1st / AA
Air shipping allowed Yes
PDF File No
PDF Name No
Youtube link No


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