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Be sure your fretwire will fit! Don't wait until after you've installed a fret to discover the slot wasn't quite deep enough!

Not sure if your fret slots are deep enough or clean enough? It can be difficult to know if there is hardened glue or other debris in your fret slots that can keep a fret from seating. That's where this small but mighty tool comes in.

Dan Erlewine developed this remarkably handy "look-before-you-leap" gauge for quickly comparing the wire to the slot. Simply hold the flat edge against the fret tang, note the height of the tang against the reference lines, fit the appropriate curved edge into the slot, and compare the lines again. You'll be able to tell quickly if there are any high spots in the slot.

The gauge is machined from stainless steel for durability in the repair shop, and measuring at a thickness of only .018" (.46mm), it's thin enough to fit into any fret slot.

It's a big help for refret jobs (it fits bound fingerboards), for setting the depth stop on an adjustable fret slotting saw, and for setting the cutting height of a fret slotting table saw blade.

The non-glare etched surface is easy to read, and the curved edges fit all popular radiused and flat fretboards.

Dimensions: 1.375" x 1.375" (34.93mm x 34.93mm), .018" (.46mm) thick


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