Stanley® Bench Plane 245mmStanley® Bench Plane 245mm
Stanley® 60 ½ Block Plane 160mm

Stanley® 60 ½ Block Plane 160mm

Stanley® 9 ½ Block Plane 160mm

Total length: 160 mm
Blade width: 40 mm
Blade thickness: 2 mm
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Block plane solidly built with the standard blade angle of 21 º. As with all these type of planes, the blade is mounted upside down, with the bevel up, no counter, so that the edge of the blade settles on the bottom or back iron bed, which turns in a significant reduction of vibration. In this way we can do harder jobs with great chip evacuation or a more delicate work. An essential tool for any woodworker in assembly and joinery. Gray iron body and brass adjustment screws.
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