Pfeil® Carving Knife 160x6mmPfeil® Carving Knife 160x6mm
Crown® Marking Knife 51x25mm

Crown® Marking Knife 51x25mm

Pfeil® Straight-Handled Drawknife 310mm

Blade length: 120mm
Overall length: 310mm
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Pfeil sharpened drawknife with straigth cherry handles. All Pfeil tools come sharpened and honed, ready to use. The bevels are ground to an angle between 15º and 25º depending on the size and use of the tool. The tools can be resharpened using various sharpening machines. In any case, a grinder with water cooling is preferable to a dry grinder. All steel surfaces are smooth and polished, the inside sweeps are finely grounded and polished. Chrome vanadium steel blade. Tools are hardened to edge of bevel. Blades electronically hardened to exacting tolerances. Tempered to RC 59-61. Full bolster and square tang for optimal stability. Internal steel ferrule under bolster prevents handle from splitting. Handle finished with solvent-free lacquer or natural oil.
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