Nomex® 560x410x2mm

Nomex® 560x410x2mm

Nomex® 560x410x1.5mm

22x16x0.06” (560x410x1.5mm) Sheet

48 kg/m³

Cell size: 1/8"

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Madinter is proud to present to you the revolutionary product DuPont™ Nomex® fibre. Nomex is made from Aramid paper, it is extremely light in weight and was pioneered for the aerospace and aviation industries. The guitar Double Top technology was pioneered by two German luthiers approximately 10 years ago primarily for the classical guitar world in an effort to build a classical guitar that is more efficient and produces more volume and projection. The Nomex® honeycomb fiber is available in two sizes,both with a 1/8” honeycomb. For more technical information about how to make a double-top with Nomex®, we have selected for you a detailed article from the Australian luthier Randy Reynolds, and also an interesting video of the luthier John H. Dick on Youtube.
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