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Livos® Bivos Oil-Wax

Livos® Bivos Oil-Wax

Livos® Gormos Wax Oil

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The Gormos wax oil by Livos is suitable for the nutrition, protection and finishing of waxed woods. This product is free of cobalt and solvents, it creates a thick layer resistent to sweat, water and saliva. It is recomended to make a final application after 4 hours and some polishing to ensure a long lasting application.
This product has been manufactured using natural products to provide a safe, long lasting, high quality and environmentally sustainable final product. Madinter recommends Livos as a world leading firm in the production of paints, oils and ecological wood treatment products.

Warning: Ensure adequate ventilation after application. Cloths, sponges, sanding dust, etc. impregnated with Gormos should be stored in airtight metal container or in water, as there is danger of spontaneous combustion by its content in vegetable oils.
The product it is not flamable by itself.
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