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Honing Guide with Lateral Adjustment

Honing guide with lateral adjustment. For 1/8 to 2 41/64 inch (3 to 67mm).

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Simple and economic guide made of cast aluminum with a steel coil for lateral adjustment.
A tool can be fastened to the support by its sides, that way avoiding sideways movements whilst sliding the tool over the stone, a
common problem with other supports. There is a central sliding wheel made of steel and a grooved adjustment screw with a flat head. Two steel bars perfectly guide lateral displacement so that the steel wheel always remains at the center. On one of sides the recommended bevel angles of cut for chisels and wood planes are indicated. Suitable for sharpening flat tools from 3 to 67mm wide.

Instructions: Insert your chisel or plane blade into the honing guide with the bevel facing down. Adjust the blade to the desired sharpening angle and tighten the honing guide. Ideally, the entire bevel will be touching the stone at the same time, in case it does not, It must be corrected using a coarse grit stone. Once the entire bevel is touching the stone surface, we can start to move the guide over the stone. It is advisable to carry on with a finer grit stone to improve the quality of the sharpening.

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