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Fingerboard Sanding and Gluing Block 350x85mm R12”

Fingerboard Sanding and Gluing Block 350x85mm R12”

Fingerboard Sanding and Gluing Block 350x85mm R10”

length: 350 mm
Width: 85 mm
Made in Spain

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Long wooden block to facilitate the work on the fingerboard. This sanding block is compatible with the new KOVAX sandpapers. Dimensions, Length: 350 mm Width: 85 mm. Six radius available: 7,25”, 9,5”,10”, 12”, 16”, 20”.

Our radiused sanding blocks for electric and acoustic guitars with curved fingerboards, can create or modify the most popular radiuses on any fingerboard. They are manufactured with different types of wood depending on their availability and may have some aesthetic issues. In the case of repairs, you can check the radius before starting to work using a radius gauge to make sure the original radius of the instrument it is being respected at all times. Longer blocks are indicated for leveling jobs that require the highest overall accuracy. In combination with the self-adhesive Kovax sandpaper, a finer finish is achieved over the frets, what makes fret crown rounding and polishing even easier.

When it comes to gluing fingerboards with made radius, nothing better than using a gluing caul with the same radius in order to achieve a more uniform pressure across the fretboard. Our gluing and sanding blocks are available with the most common radiuses .

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