Traditional Guitar Kerfed Lining - BasswoodTraditional Guitar Kerfed Lining - Basswood
Red Cedar soundhole plate

Red Cedar soundhole plate

Basswood Rounded Kerfed Lining

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Botanical name: Tilia europaea, Tilia platyphyllos.

740x18x4mm approx.

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Botanical name: Tilia europaea, Tilia platyphyllos

It has a pale white to cream color with subtle growth rings. The color is mostly uniform throughout the surface of the wood. Tends to age to a yellow or pale brown color over time. It has a fine and even texture and is easy to work. It is very soft and light, though sharp cutters must be used during planing or other shaping operations to avoid fuzzy surfaces. Perhaps one of the most suitable wood species for hand carving. It glues and finishes well, that together with its light weight, makes it the preferred body wood of many electric guitar manufacturers.

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Botanical nameTilia europaea
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