Classical Bocote SetClassical Bocote Set
Ukelele Bocote Set

Ukelele Bocote Set

Acoustic Bocote Set

Botanical name: Cordia eleagnoides

(550/560x210x5mm) x2 & (800/820x120/130x4mm) x2

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Botanical name: Cordia eleagnoides

Origin: Mexico and Central America

Other names: Mexican Rosewood

Average density: 850 kg/m3 53 lbs/ft3

Common uses: Backs and sides


Bocote (Cordia eleagnoides) belongs to the same family as Ziricote. It grows in Mexico and Central America. Although it is not a Dalbergia, it is commonly known as Mexican Rosewood.

Its color ranges from a reddish brown to a bright yellow, and it darkens with time. Bocote has a very distinguishable look due to the striking patterns that its grain can form. The distinct black or dark brown grain of Bocote often forms patterns in the shape of “eyes” or small circles.

This wood has become increasingly popular for guitar making because of its extraordinary beauty and excellent sound. It has a rich range of middle tones, and particularly deep sounding basses. Its density makes it a stable tonewood and gives it a nice sustain.

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Botanical nameCordia eleagnoides
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