AAA Acoustic Engelmann SoundboardAAA Acoustic Engelmann Soundboard
AA Acoustic Engelmann Soundboard

AA Acoustic Engelmann Soundboard

AAA Classical Engelmann Soundboard

Botanical name: Picea engelmannii

560x185/200x4.5 mm x2

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Engelmann, also known as White Spruce is together with Sitka and Adirondanck one of the most appreciated woods by luthiers and manufacturers of acoustic guitars. It is visually distinguished from Sitka by its creamier complexion, very similar to the European Spruce but with greater homogeneity. It is also lighter and less rigid than Sitka.

It is an expensive wood as Engelmann trees today are so small and twisted that it is difficult to find clean pieces of the size needed for the tops and the performance per piece is very low.

At the sound level Engelmann has a mature timbre, and produces a slightly richer midrange than Sitka, which makes a guitar sound a little aged.

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Botanical namePicea engelmannii
WoodEngelmann Spruce
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