Pinces de coupe de frettes avec marteau Summit®Pinces de coupe de frettes avec marteau Summit®
Summit® fret shock absorber

Summit® fret shock absorber

Summit® fret tang cutter adjustable - universal

Professional tang cutter with adjustable cutting depth.

Length: 235mm

Weight: 0.33kg

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Adjustable fret tang cutter, for cutting frets mounted on binded fingerboards. Material hardness HRc 44-48. Hardened jaws to HRC58 enable smooth cutting of hardest stainless steel frets.

Long Handles provide leverage. The included fret wire guide plate is reversible, giving 2 profile options. The tang is supported at the cut eliminating distortion of the tang end. Depth stop adjustable from 0 to 8.5mm. Sprung handle opens the jaws on release.



With three guiding plates available you can cut 6 different fret profiles just with one tool.

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