StewMac Dragon Hand-cut Rasp, Small, fine

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Fast working, with a super-smooth cut. Our dragon handcrafted steel rasps are unequaled for neck shaping and contouring. They have become our first choice for quickly shaping instrument necks, solidbody guitar contours, custom jigs and clamping cauls.

Dragon rasp teeth are individually hand-struck on both sides of each file, leaving a slightly random pattern that a machine-made rasp simply can't equal. This reduces chattering and "wandering," giving a smooth but aggressive cut. Dragon rasps have the right shapes for contouring a variety of neck sizes.

Use the fine rasp for:

  • Final shaping
  • Smoothing
  • Softening corners

Small rasp measures 6" long x 1-3/16" wide (152mm x 30.16mm)

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Informations supplémentaires

Nom StewMac Dragon Hand-cut Rasp, Small, fine
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