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StewMac Binding Router Bearings, Bearing for .110" (2.79mm) binding

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StewMac Binding Router Bearings, Bearing for .100" (2.54mm) binding


Fraises en carbure StewMac, 1/16” de diamètre

StewMac Binding Router Bearings, Bearing for .110" (2.79mm) binding


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These custom bearings work with our Binding Router Bit for precise control of the depth of cut. They're available in 19 different sizes (.010"/.25mm increments), so you'll be able to rout precise ledges for practically any binding combinations.

#1298-000 Flush bearing is for trimming glued bindings, and newly assembled guitar tops and backs.

Choose the bearings you need for specific jobs, or see our money-saving Binding Router Bit Set.

Tip: All our bearings are now sized for exact cutting depth. Remember to allow for swelling of wood fibers from gluing, as well as for the thickness of the glue itself. Glued plastic binding will swell considerably as it absorbs the glue solvents. Wood bindings glued with wood glues that contain water will swell also. To minimize final scraping and sanding, we recommend installing a short length of binding on routed scrap wood first, to test the fit.

Find the right size bearing for your binding:
Measure the bearing diameter with a dial caliper and use
this chart to find the size ledge your bearing will cut.

Bearing diameter   Size of ledge cut   
.925" (23.50mm)Flush
.840" (21.34mm).040" (1.02mm)
.820" (20.83mm)

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