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Orange Multi-Purpose Tape, 1/4" wide

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Orange Multi-Purpose Tape, 1/4" wide


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Super versatile tape for any job in your shop
High-tack adhesive and tough crepe backing make our Orange Multi-Purpose Tape ready to tackle any project you have. From fretwork, masking finishes, binding, clamping, and more, you'll constantly find more uses for this fantastic tape.

It's got everything you need in a high-quality shop tape:

  • Tough but flexible paper backing
  • Thin adhesive that resists creeping under pressure
  • Strong tack that doesn't leave a residue

Our favorite tape for fretwork
The tough backing is strong enough to withstand the filing, buffing, and polishing involved in most fret jobs and fret level/dress work. And the skinny widths fit perfectly between the high frets so you can put your scissors down and get to work. Mask off a fretboard in record time!

But—this tape can do so much more! This is an excellent tape for masking a finish when doing touchups and refinish work. We also use it for clamping, protecting a finish during bridge and fingerboard removal, we find new uses every day.

Not sure which tape you need?
The stretchiness of this tape is great for getting into tight spots and getting extra pressure. The lower tack also makes it safer for finishes and easier to remove (but you should never leave any tape on a guitar finish for an extended length of time). It's also great for masking when finishing too.

When using wood binding, the Brown Binding Tape is the right choice for the extra tack and pull you need to hold the rigid wood binding in place. If you are using celluloid or plastic bindings, the Orange Multi-Purpose Tape is the perfect tape to hold the flexible binding strips in place.

Get all the tapes and our StewMac Guitar Shop Tape Deck to work like a professional now!

Pro Tip! The strong adhesive of our Orange Multi-Purpose Tape is good for applying pressure, but be cautious about using tape on soft top woods like spruce. With soft woods, first stick our binding tape to a cotton t-shirt to give it less tack before applying it.

When binding a guitar, when the glue is dry, remove the tape slowly and gently—pull at a 45 degree angle to the grain and lightly rub it with your index finger. Warming the tape with a blow dryer or softening the adhesive with naptha will also help it lift away easily without pulling up wood fibers. Not recommended for use on vintage or delicate finishes.

#0678 3/4" wide, 60 yard roll (19mm x 55m)
#0671 1/2" wide, 60 yard roll (12.7mm x 55m)
#0660 1/4" wide, 55 yard roll (6.53mm x 53m)

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