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Humbucker Kit, With Alnico 5 magnets and black bobbins

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Humbucker Kit, With Alnico 5 magnets and black bobbins


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Humbucker Kit with Alnico 5 Magnet

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Now you can build your own guitar pickups from the ground up: go for the vintage sound or wind it your own way for custom tone!

Each of our pickup kits has vintage-style parts and includes an assembly diagram to get you started.

Choose Alnico 5 or Alnico 2 magnets:
Alnico 2 magnets give a warmer tone and low end response with smooth, singing highs. Many builders use them in the bridge pickups of solidbodies.
Alnico 5 produces a brighter tone with a tighter low end and stinging highs. They're great for neck position pickups, to help keep the tone clear without getting muddy.

Humbucker Kit includes

  • Nickel silver baseplate
  • Unwound plastic bobbins
  • Nickel-plated steel polepiece slugs
  • Nickel-plated polepiece screws
  • Bar magnet (Alnico 2 magnets are marked red on one end to tell them apart from Alnico 5's)
  • Polepiece spacer
  • Shim
  • Bobbin screws
  • Coil lead wires
  • Braided push-back wire
  • 4-conductor hookup wire

The assembled pickup fits a standard Gibson® P.A.F.-size (1-15/16" spacing) pickup covers and mounting rings.

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