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ColorTone Touch-up Marker, Cherry Red Tinted Lacquer

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ColorTone Touch-up Marker, Cherry Red Tinted Lacquer


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Genuine nitrocellulose guitar lacquer, in easy-to-use markers. Easily repair minor finish dings and scratches. When that heartbreaking first ding appears on your new guitar, these convenient ColorTone touchup markers come to the rescue. No brushing, no spraying!

The applicator tip on the marker is reversible. One end has a flat surface for broad strokes. Remove the tip and flip it around for pin-point application.

— Use Clear Gloss for repairs in clear finishes, for spot-sealing tints, and to mask bindings before you stain the surrounding wood.

Aged Clear has a subtle tint to match old finishes.

— The tinted lacquers (Vintage Amber, Cherry Red, Tobacco Brown and Red Mahogany) are transparent. They're great for touching up sunbursts and finishes where the wood grain shows through.

Blond and TV Yellow are vintage classics. They are semi-opaque to allow some grain to show through.

— The Black pen is opaque and is the quick fix for scratched pegheads.

Sonic Blue (opaque) is a match for the classic Fender solid color of the same name.

A word of caution: Nitrocellulose lacquer melts into itself, making it ideal for nearly invisible touchups on lacquer finishes. But that also means there is potential to disturb or damage the existing finish. Experiment with the markers on scrap wood to get a feel for their flow and application before attempting a repair on your guitar.

Warning! These pens contain nitrocellulose lacquer that is under pressure. It is very important to relieve the pressure built up from shaking it prior to use by pressing down on the tip with the pen in the upright position. This will prevent the pen from flooding your work with excess lacquer.

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