ColorTone Liquid Pigment for Lacquer, YellowColorTone Liquid Pigment for Lacquer, Yellow
ColorTone Liquid Pigment for Lacquer, Green

ColorTone Liquid Pigment for Lacquer, Green

ColorTone Liquid Pigment for Lacquer, Blue

Produit inflammable.

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Brilliant concentrated colors! These concentrated pigments mix in clear nitrocellulose lacquer to produce opaque (solid) colors.

They're ideal for solidbody guitar finishes; you can experiment with pigment combinations to produce infinite colors.

ColorTone® Pigments mix with clear filler, clear sealer, and clear finishes to create opaque custom products. Two or more colors can be combined to make a variety of shades. After spraying the color coats, spray clear lacquer topcoats for depth and high gloss.

4-ounce bottles.

Directions: Stir well before use. Mix up to 15% of pigment(s) into clear finish (lacquer), until the desired strength of color is reached. Higher concentrations may slow lacquer drying time. Do not mix with waterbase, alcohol-base, or varnish finishes.

CONTAINS: Propylene glycol mono-methyl ether acetate, mineral spirits.

WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.

Vapor harmful. Harmful if swallowed.


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