Jeu, Pao Ferro - Master classique

Botanic Name: Macherium scleroxylon.

(550/560x185-200x5mm) x2 & (800/820x110x4mm) x2

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Botanic Name: Macherium scleroxylon. Origin: Brazil.

Other names: Brazilian Ironwood, Leopardtree

Density: 1010 kg/m3

This specie is similar to the Indian Rosewood. The heartwood is reddish brown. It is very strong wood, heavier than Indian Rosewood for example. It is seasons slowly with very little deformation and it is a nonporus wood, very easy to work on.

Informations supplémentaires

Informations supplémentaires

Nom Jeu, Pao Ferro - Master classique
Bois Pao Ferro
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