Flamed European Maple Drop Top Soundboard Flamed European Maple Drop Top Soundboard
Guitar Padouk Fingerboard

Guitar Padouk Fingerboard

Spalted American Maple Drop Top Soundboard

Botanical name : Acer macrophyllum

(480<550x160<200x7mm) x2

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Botanical name : Acer macrophyllum

American Maple is found in North America. It is also known as flamed maple or curly maple. Its Botanical name is Acer macrophyllum.
The wood fibres are distorted in an undulating pattern, producing wavy lines known as “flames” or “curls”, especially noticeable on quatersawn pieces. The density of American Maple is approximately 640kg/ m3.
Spalting is a unique process which occurs as decaying logs are attacked by fungi. Any wood is susceptible to spalting, but maple is the most commonly known. The spalting process results in the characteristic "spalting lines," which are as if the wood has been drawn on with black ink.
Spalted maple can also be accompanied by other characteristics such as flame or quilt.

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Botanical name Acer macrophyllum
Wood American Maple
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