Basswood Rounded Kerfed LiningBasswood Rounded Kerfed Lining
Flamed European Maple Drop Top Soundboard

Flamed European Maple Drop Top Soundboard

Quilted American Maple Drop top Soundboard

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Botanical name : Acer macrophyllum

(480<550x160<200x7mm) x2. Drop Top.

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Botanical name : Acer macrophyllum

American Maple is found in North America. It is also known as flamed maple or curly maple. Its Botanical name is Acer pseudoplatanus.
The wood fibres are distorted in an undulating pattern, producing wavy lines known as “flames” or “curls”, especially noticeable on quatersawn pieces. The density of American Maple is approximately 640kg/ m3.

It is a wood prized by electric guitar makers for its beautiful creamy appearance and its excellent sound.
This species is rare and very difficult to find, and therefore ideal to make an original guitar.

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Botanical nameAcer saccharum
WoodAmerican Maple
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