Blackwood Tek Bridge Black

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Blackwood Tek is a technologically modified wood that exhibits the properties and appearance of African Ebony or Indian Rosewood. It is obtained by taking Pinus radiata wood through a technological process that uses natural products, without plastics or other petroleum derivatives.


Dimensions:  200x50x15mm


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Blackwood Tek

color: Black

Origin: technologically modified Pinus radiata from New Zealand.

Density: 800-1050 kg/m3 50-65 lbs/ft3

Uses: fingerboards, bridges, headplates.


Blackwood Tek is a technologically modified wood, which is obtained from New Zealand’s Pinus radiata. The manufacturing process of Blackwood Tek uses natural products, without plastics or other petroleum derivatives.

The result of uniting cutting edge technology and wood is a technological material with very different properties from the original Pinus radiata, while still maintaining its nature as wood, a natural product with its ideal appearance, quality and feel.

Its high density, hardness and stability, in addition to its color (black or brown depending on the variety) make it perfect for fingerboards and other parts of musical instruments. Moreover, Blackwood Tek is suitable for immediate use, with a stable moisture content of 5%, and is resistant to changes in humidity and temperature with minimal fluctuation.

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For best results with Blackwood Tek products, we recommend using colorless linseed oil, such as Livos Ardvos oil.

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Additional Info

Name Blackwood Tek Bridge Black
Wood Blackwood Tek
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