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Backs & sides


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  1. 3 Pairs of Sides Set


    Set of 3 economic pairs of African Mahogany (Khaya ivorensis) or Sapele (Entandrophragma cylindricum) sides - DEPENDING ON AVAILIBILITY
  2. Acoustic African Mahogany Set


    Botanical name: Khaya ivorensis. Origin: Africa.

    (550/560x210x5mm) x2 & (800/820x120/130x4mm) x2

  3. Acoustic Curly Mango Set


    Botanical name: Mangifera indica. Origin: Indonesia
    Dimensions: (550/560x210x5mm) x2 approx. & (800/820x120/130x4mm) x2
    (21-21/32  to 22-3/64x8-17/64x13/64 inch) x 2 & (31 ½  to 32-9/32x 4-23/32 to 5-1/8 x5/32 inch) x 2

  4. Acustical Yellow Cedar Set


    Botanical Name : Cupressus nootkasensis
    Origin: U.S.A

    Dimensions : Backs 560/550x225x4.5mm x2. Sides 820x130x4mm x2

  5. Classical African Mahogany Set


    Botanical name: Khaya ivorensis Origin: Africa

    (550x200x4mm) x2 & (800x110x3mm) x2


5 Item(s)