StewMac Stainless Steel Fretwire, Wide/highest, 52-foot pack (1 lb)


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Order by the pound for tidy savings! Our bulk fretwire is supplied in convenient clear storage tubes, to keep your wire organized and your workbench uncluttered. You'll save 50% or more when you order fretwire by the pound.

Our most popular fretwire sizes, now in stainless steel! Everyone loves stainless for its durability and longevity, plus it's easy to work with.

Reasons to choose stainless fretwire over traditonal fretwire include:

  • Get more miles between refrets — Stainless steel frets are slow to wear or develop grooves, so you get smooth string bends for years longer. Some players hear a slightly brighter tone with stainless.
  • Easier fret jobs — Unlike traditional fretwire, you don't need to "overbend" stainless steel wire. Curve it to your fretboard radius, and it stays put. The frets fit their slots without popping up, so less fret leveling is required.

Wide fretwire is favored for string bending and is used on many modern electric guitars and basses. Modern "jumbo" fretwire used on ESP, Jackson, Ibanez, Kramer and similar guitars.

Size specs:

  • Fret Width: .110" (2.79mm)
  • Fret Crown: .053" (1.35mm)
  • Fret Tang Height: .074" (1.88mm)
  • Sized to fit a 0.023" (0.58mm) fret slot width

Our fretting tools work well with stainless: All of our fretting tools are suitable for use on stainless-steel fretwire, with the exception of our Fret Tang Nippers. In our own shop, we find that this wire doesn't cause premature wear of files and sandpaper.

We supply our fretwire in 2-foot straight lengths. We recommend 6 feet for a complete guitar or bass fret job.

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Additional Info

Name StewMac Stainless Steel Fretwire, Wide/highest, 52-foot pack (1 lb)
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