StewMac Double-edge Fret File, Wide/JumboStewMac Double-edge Fret File, Wide/Jumbo
StewMac Fret Scale Templates, Martin 24.9

StewMac Fret Scale Templates, Martin 24.9" and 25.34" scales

StewMac Fret Scale Templates, Gibson 24.625" and 24.750"

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Accurate fret slots without guesswork. Designed for use with a luthier's miter box, or your shop table saw.

Each template is made of durable stainless steel and has notches for two different fret scales. Includes an indexing pin and instructions.

This template provides accurate fret positioning for Gibson 24,625” y 24,750” 24 fret slots.

Special notes: #4915 Martin Dreadnought scale is commonly referred to as 25.4" but is actually 25.34".

For use with a table saw: Install the supplied index pin in the fence of your table saw. Attach a template to the back of the fingerboard. On your table saw, align the blade perpendicular to the fingerboard, and saw the slots with the template side up. We recommend the Fret Slotting Table Saw Blade.

For use with a luthier's miter box: Simply attach a template to the back of the fingerboard, and saw each fret slot after locating the index pin (preinstalled in our miter box) in the corresponding template notch.

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