StewMac Refret Saw, 0.025" blade thickness


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Clean or deepen fret slots for better fret seating! New frets won't seat correctly until the old fret slots are clean.

Designed by fretting expert Dan Erlewine, each of these unique saws has two 3/8" blades. One cuts on the pull stroke, the other on the push. These saws can be used to loosen packed wood dust and old glue, or to deepen shallow fret slots, even on bound fingerboards. They're better for these tasks than a standard fret saw, which won't work on a bound board and can unnecessarily widen the slots on a radiused board.

Each saw is 9-3/4" overall, with a wooden handle and two 3/8" blades with 0.015" blade thickness.

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Additional Info

Name StewMac Refret Saw, 0.025" blade thickness
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