StewMac Binding Router Bit Set, Standard set


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Rout clean, precise ledges for practically any binding combinations. Our clean-cutting carbide-tipped cutter has a 1/4" shank to fit your router, an Allen screw with wrench for installing a depth-of-cut bearing, and a special extension bushing for "stairstep" ledges. This money-saving set includes depth-of-cut bearings sized specifically for binding routing jobs, and for flush-trimming guitar tops and backs.

This Standard Binding Router Bit Set is for common binding thicknesses, including Herringbone purfling. The Flush bearing is for trimming glued bindings, and newly assembled guitar tops and backs. The set includes:

  • 9 bearing sizes (detailed below)
  • Router bit
  • Allen wrench
  • Extension bushing
  • Instructions

The included bearings cut ledges in the following sizes:

  • Flush
  • .040" (1.02mm)
  • .060" (1.52mm)
  • .070" (1.78mm)
  • .090" (2.29mm)
  • .100" (2.54mm)
  • .120" (3.05mm)
  • .150" (3.81mm)
  • .200" (5.08mm)

Router bit specs:

  • Cutter diameter: .925" (23.50mm)
  • Cutting height without bearing: .375" (9.52mm)
  • Arbor shank diameter: .25" (6.35mm)
  • 6-degree cutting edge downshear prevents grabbing on climb cuts, for cleaner results.

TECH TIP: All our bearings are sized for exact cutting depth. Remember to allow for swelling of wood fibers from gluing, as well as for the thickness of the glue itself. Glued plastic binding will swell considerably as it absorbs the glue solvents. Wood bindings glued with wood glues that contain water will swell also.

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