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Fast, clean dovetail neck joint disassembly! Our Neck Removal Jig pushes the neck out gradually and controllably.

Removing a traditional dovetail-jointed guitar neck from the body is tricky business! The Neck Removal Jig (inspired by luthier Bryan Galloup) applies gradual, properly aligned, and controlled pressure to the neck heel. It pushes the neck out, without unnecessary shock.

Made of sturdy cork-lined plywood and aluminum, it mounts over the shoulders of the acoustic guitar; waist clamps adjust to the instrument's contours.

Important: Steam should be injected into the joint to soften the old glue, before and during neck removal, through small holes drilled down through the appropriate fret slot (see our Neck Joint Steamer and Hose, sold separately). The fretboard extension should be loosened with heat and a removal knife.

Jig components:

  • Plastic knob (2)
  • Threaded rod (2)
  • Washers (16)
  • Carriage bolt (2)
  • Hex nut (6)
  • Protective vinyl tubing
  • Cork-lined plywood jig
  • Aluminum pressure bar and screw
  • Heel cap protector
  • Notched back strap
  • Cork-lined plywood clamp disks (2)
  • Instructions

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Additional Info

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