Refret Saw and Fret Slot Cleaning Tool Set


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For easier refretting! Two specialized tools for scraping away wood chips and old glue, in ONE money-saving set!

New frets won't seat correctly until the old fret slots are clean! These unique tools are needed to loosen and remove packed wood dust and old glue, and deepen shallow fret slots.

  • The Refret Saw has two slim .020"-thick blades—one cuts on the pull stroke, the other on the push.
  • The Fret Slot Cleaning Tool has a thin, hooked, square-edged chisel that's ideal for getting into the corners of the slots on bound fretboards and pries up dried glue. Comes with 2 chisel blades.

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Additional Info

Name Refret Saw and Fret Slot Cleaning Tool Set
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