Depth-stop Drill Bits, Complete set of 7


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Stop breaking off small screws! When that little tuner mounting screw breaks off, you'll wish you'd used the right size drill bit!

Here's a versatile 7-piece mini bit set for avoiding catastrophes when you're installing tuners, pickguards, string trees, truss rod covers, pickup rings, and more. The closely spaced sizes let you choose exactly the right bit, a must for installing diabolically small screws in hardwoods such as maple, ebony and rosewood.

As a bonus, each bit is color-coded with a handy movable plastic depth stop (you don't want to accidentally drill completely through your peghead, do you?)

Here's a PRO tip from our R&D luthiers:

If a depth stop sleeve loosens over time, remove it and put a little thin super glue inside. Turn the sleeve to coat the inside evenly and tighten the inside diameter. Not too much glue—don't clog the sleeve. Apply a little paste wax to the bit and push it through the sleeve. You can spray a dash of super glue accelerator for a faster glue cure. The depth stop will fit like new again!

Set includes the following 7 color-coded bits:

  • 1/16" / .063" / 1.59mm (purple)
  • No.50 / .070" / 1.78mm (white)
  • 5/64" / .078" / 1.98mm (blue)
  • No.44 / .086" / 2.18mm (pink)
  • 3/32" / .094" / 2.39mm (green)
  • No.38 / .101" / 2.57mm (yellow)
  • 7/64" / .109" / 2.77mm (black)

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