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StewMac Bridge Clamp Caul

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For gluing acoustic guitar bridges — Evenly distributes clamping pressure across the acoustic bridge. Works with one clamp or multiple clamps. Shaped and padded underside conforms to the contours of most bridges.

Use a single clamp: Apply one strong clamp at the middle of the caul. (We recommend a large swivel-handle clamp.) Add extra pressure at the bridge ends using the caul's built-in wing clamps using the wrench provided.

Use multiple clamps: When the job requires the extra pressure, the caul's level surface provides a good footing for three or more clamps. The wing clamp adjusting screws sit below the surface so they won't interfere with additional clamps.

Two indexing screws mate with the bridge pin holes to hold the caul in place while you work (wrench provided). These screws have an added benefit: with the caul held upside-down in a vise, the screws keep the bridge from sliding while you scrape and score the underside before gluing.


  • Size: 5-7/8" x 1-1/4" (149mm x 32mm)
  • Solid aluminum
  • Rubber pads are non-reactive with instrument finishes
  • Comes with two hex wrenches (3/32" and 1/8") for wing clamps and index screws
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