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Savarez Carbon Strings 540J

Savarez Carbon Strings 540J

Nylon Savarez Strings 520R

Complete set. High tensión.
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In each tension the strings are made of nylon manufactured according to a specific technology. This nylon is subjected to specific treatments in order to master the elongation, the elasticity, the cristallinity and relaxation properties. After checking its gauge, the string is rectified according to a technology which became highly elaborated thanks to the modern production process. The string is progressively and delicately modified to get a round shape and a regular gauge throughout its length. The surface is slightly polished in order to get a smooth touch while keeping a slight rough touch many guitarists, attached to it, are looking for. The NEW CRISTAL CORUM strings made of high quality nylon have met such great success and have brought such an improvement that this material is used for all the SAVAREZ sets made up nylon trebles. Silver plated copper wound basses on nylon. In each tension, the string is obtained by winding a silver plated copper thread on a multifilament nylon string. The Innovation consisting in a rust protection coating on the outside winding was first introduced by SAVAREZ
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