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Gyros® Replacement Saw Blade

Gyros® Replacement Saw Blade

Gyros® Ultrathin Saw

Blade dimensions: 132x30x0,19 mm
60 teeth per inch
Total Length: 230mm
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The Gyros razor saw, with its renowned brass back, delivers superior performance when cutting wood, plastic (such as styrene) and soft metal. Ideal for cutting rod & thin tubing, mitering, slotting, slitting, and sawing very delicate parts. Good for miniature work. A long time model makers´ favorite. The long lasting replaceable blade is hardened and tempered. It can be reversed in the holder for delicate work requiring a pull stroke. Cuts perfectly straight and leaves and absolutely clean finish without a burr which means less work in fitting and gluing parts together. The finest detail saw available today.
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