CITES and the guitar




Since January 2, 2017, several wood species are listed in Appendix II of CITES, with Annotation #15, specifically, all Dalbergias and Bubingas (except dalbergia nigra in Appendix I) .

Since then, a group representing the music industry, to which Madinter belongs, has fought to modify this Annotation, to get an exception for musical instruments.

Today we can finally say, proud of the results obtained, that from Saturday 14 December, these products, among others, will be excluded:
  • Finished musical instruments, finished musical instrument parts and finished musical instrument accessories.

However, the exports and imports of these woods will continue to need their corresponding CITES permit as at present.

The other exceptions are:

All parts and derivatives, except:
  • Leaves, flowers, pollen, fruits and seeds
  • Finished products up to a maximum weight of wood of the listed species of up to 10 kg per shipment.
  • Finished musical instruments, finished musical instrument parts and finished musical instrument accessories.
  • Parts and derivatives of Dalbergia cochinchinensis, which are covered by Annotation #4.
  • Parts and derivatives of Dalbergia spp originating and exported from Mexico, which are covered by Annotation #6

Remember the modified terms below:

Finished musical instrument accessories

An accessory to a musical instrument that is separate from the instrument and that is specifically designed or configured to be used explicitly in association with an instrument and requires no further modification to be used. 

Finished musical instrument parts

A part of a musical instrument that is ready to install and is specifically designed and shaped to be used explicitly in association with the instrument to make it playable. 

Finished musical instruments

A musical instrument that is ready to play or needs only the installation of parts to make it playable. This term includes antique instruments, works of art, collectors' pieces and antiques.  

Ten (10) kg per shipment

The 10 kg limit is to be assessed against the weight of the individual portions of wood of Dalbergia/Guibourtia species contained in each item of the shipment, rather than against the total weight of the shipment. 


Wood that has been reduced to small pieces. 


Cargo transported under the terms of a single bill of lading or air waybill, irrespective of the quantity or
number of containers or packages; or pieces worn, carried or included in personal baggage. 


Any substance obtained directly from plant material by physical or chemical means regardless of the manufacturing process. An extract may be solid (e.g. crystals, resin, fine or coarse particles), semisolid (e.g. gums, waxes) or liquid (e.g. solutions, tinctures, oil and essential oils). 

Transformed wood

Wood (including strips, friezes for parquet flooring, not assembled), continuously shaped (tongued, grooved, v-jointed, beaded or the like) along any edges, ends or faces, whether or not planed, sanded or end-jointed. 


A dry, solid substance in the form of fine or coarse particles. 

Finished products packaged and ready for retail trade

Products, shipped singly or in bulk, requiring no further processing, packaged, labelled for final use or
the retail trade in a state fit for being sold to or used by the general public. 

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