StewMac Narrow Fretwire, Narrow/Medium, 70-foot pack (1 lb)

StewMac Narrow Fretwire, Narrow/Medium, 70-foot pack (1 lb)

StewMac Medium Fretwire, Medium/High, 52-foot pack (1 lb)

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Medium/High size fretwire is for acoustic or electric guitar. Our Medium/High can often be redressed without becoming too flat. Instrument makers and repair shops rely on us for the highest quality 18% nickel-silver fretwire.

StewMac Medium/Medium 52-foot pack comes in 2-foot long straight pieces, delivered in a clear storage tube that keep your wire organized and your workbench uncluttered.

Fret Width: .095" (2.41mm)

Fret Crown: .045" (1.14mm)

Fret Tang Height: .073" (1.85mm)

Our fretwire is sized to fit a 0.023" (0.58mm) fret slot width.

Fretwire is made in a variety of crown heights. Note that after the frets are installed and leveled, they can lose from .004" to .010" in height. High fretwire has a crown height of .045" or more. It may offer more note sustain due to its slightly greater mass, and more fret dressings are possible between refrettings. Low fretwire is often useful for partial refret jobs.

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