An alternative to tropical woods: Eucalyptus globulus.

This tree is one of the most relevant forest species in the Iberian Peninsula, a sustainable resource, unlimited, with a stable price and absolute guarantees of legality


But there is more...

  • It looks like a Rosewood
  • It feels like a Rosewood
  • Its density is like that of a Rosewood
  • And now too... its color is like a Rosewood! 
Why? We will tell you about it below:
Due to the problem caused by the inclusion of Dalbergias in CITES Appendix II, Madinter began to look alternatives for that could replace the Dalbergias that have been used for years in the music industry.

The objective was to find a wood with the same density, hardness and colour.
Eucalyptus has the ideal characteristics of density and hardness but it is a light pale yellow wood that due to its colour is difficult to use in the manufacture of guitars. So?
After a year and a half of research we have created a stable product, with a very attractive color, very close to Dalbergias.


We subject the wood to a perfect drying process and then a treatment with ammonia gas at high pressure to penetrate into the entire structure of the wood.

This gas reacts with the tannic acid that the wood has naturally in its structure and produces a chemical reaction that results in a stable and permanent color throughout the depth of the pieces. 

 Therefore we can produce fingerboards, bridges and other guitar parts with the look, density, hardness and color of Dalbergias in large quantities and at a very competitive price, a product easily machinable and easy to work. 

Try it!

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