AAA Acoustic Adirondack SoundboardAAA Acoustic Adirondack Soundboard
AAA Acoustic Roasted Adirondack Soundboard

AAA Acoustic Roasted Adirondack Soundboard

AA Acoustic Adirondack Soundboard

Botanical name: Picea rubens

560x220x4.5 mm x2

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Adirondack, also known as Red Spruce or Appalachian Spruce, is a species native to eastern North America. It is extremely strong and rigid. Commonly used by manufacturers such as Gibson and Martin in the era before World War II, the Adirondack is one of the hallmarks of mythical  vintage guitars as the J45, L-00, D-18, D-42, D-45, and so on.


It is the Spruce with the highest rigidity and resistance of all the existing species. These unique characteristics provide it with sound qualities much appreciated by luthiers and musicians from all over the world. It provides a dynamic sound with great volume and excellent definition. 


The main value of the Adirondack is its sound quality, since aesthetically it rarely presents such a fine and uniform grain as the Sitka or the Engelmann. It is characterized by its white color in which wide reddish or brown streaks stand out. This aesthetic variability makes its gradation even more subjective than usual.

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Botanical namePicea rubens
Quality1st / AA
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